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A Backyard Creation will go above and beyond to design and give you the pool of your dreams as well as a wonderful building experience. As you begin to plan and shop around for swimming pools let us help with our 3-D software program so that it may create a visual image for you, and we can work together to ultimately execute your backyard dream.

We invite you to look through our website, spend some time on our photo gallery of pools, and please don’t hesitate to schedule a site visit. We can take you to visit our completed swimming pool projects; thus way you really get a feel for our quality of work and craftsmanship. We take pride in every aspect of the pools we install and strive to produce a one of a kind project… yours.


Pool Installation Process

Pre-site Inspection: Our team will need access to your yard to verify measurements, setbacks, elevations, and public utility location.

Drafting & Design: Our in house project designer will take the pre- site report to create a working 3-D design and video. You will receive a copy of the plan so that you, the client, will be made aware of all the measurements, materials, and perspective view of your project. If something doesn’t look right please do not hesitate to ask us to change it. At the end of the day we would rather change your design 100x and have a satisfied customer vs. a non satisfied customer.

Permitting and Contracting: Once we have a set design and you agree you like all the options and materials provided. We will draw up a contract that you the client and A Backyard Creation LLC both agree upon. Then your plan will be submitted to the local municipalities Planning & Zoning Office for Permitting. Turn around time on each permit is different in each section of the state or county.

Layout: Based on the project designers plans we can paint an outline of your project: Including the pool, deck, ect before any work begins. This will provide you with the opportunity to give us the go ahead or to make any last minute changes before the excavation process begins.

Site preparation: Before the actual pool is being dug, it is crucial that all important landscaping materials be marked out that you wish to save, and irrigation to be rerouted around the pool. (Doe rhat you would meet with your local landscaper or we can recommend one of the best) Excess dirt can be removed at the end this is our only variable in pricing, or you can choose to keep the dirt.

Excavation: Our excavating specifications include properly excavated walls and flat floors, which create a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swim area. Our operators have over 50 years of combined experience in the field.

Setting of the pool: At this time we will be setting your fiber glass pool in the ground and leveling it up to perfection using high- quality reinforcing support jacks. This will ensure you that your water-line is next to perfect.

Steel Rebar: This section is only necessary for concrete swimming pools. It is installed in a specific pattern to reinforce the concrete pool walls, and floors.

Plumbing & Equipment: Our team follows detailed instructions of the location of the pump station at your project, as well as the all the fittings & Returns. This process maximizes your water flow to the desired areas around the pool and allows for a clean as well as professional plumbing job.

Electrical: Our LED pool lighting system is installed about the same time as our plumbing is done. Your selected control panel and transformer will be installed next to your pump station, as well as your lighting to the swimming pool will be run.

Fencing: At this time we will install an orange safety fence this way any small children or animals are insured alittle more protection that just a standing open hole.

Backfilling: If you had a fiberglass pool installed this stage you will have water beginning to fill you pool and backfilling will begin. This step is very crucial and important that we wash down properly. In some cases if the ground dirt is clay or deemed unusable we will discuss with the homeowner that sand will need to be purchased and hauled in, we can arrange for that. Our back filling process is done in lifts as the water rises 6inchs we backfill and wash down around the outside edges of the pool to ensure there are no air pockets which can cause settlement down the road. In some cases this process can take 1-3days depending on water pressure, size and shape of the pool.

Grounding Inspection: This on fiberglass pools is done by laying a copper loop around the pool and hitting all the contact points such as the jacks that lye underneath the pools edge and the connected together with a split bolt, and ran back to the pump station. Concrete Pool the copper will form an X across the middle of the pool running along the center and up the walls 2ft will over hang and be tied into the wire mesh and copper loop similar to the fiberglass. Once those steps are completed the inspector will be called out to sign off on all work completed, this may take 1-2 business days.

Concrete Shell Is Shot: In this process, tanning ledges, bench seats, and steps are formed. Spill-over spas are formed as well. This is really when you begin to see the pool coming together. To ensure true compaction strength to the concrete shell, our concrete is shot at 4000PSI, while the industry standard is 3000PSI. Our pool walls are 8inchs thick again while the industry standard is 6inchs. This just reinsures us and you as the customer that we go the extra mile to achieve a perfect and safe pool to last a lifetime.

Waterfeatures: whether its a simple cascade water fall to a rico rock extravagant water fall this is the time we plan out and start building these structures.

Decking: This stage we will be completing your decking systems, if its concrete your cantilever forms will be installed on the pools edge to give it the smooth bullnose edge as desired, they will form up and pour the remaining areas. If you went the route of pavers or travertine, this process will be as follows. Your paver coping will be laid out cut to desired size for grout joints, and the installed on a mortar base truly adhere it to the pool, from this point your joints will be grouted and washed clean. The base for the pavers will consist of 6inchs, the first 5inchs are ABC base similar to road base and compacted. On top of this in 1inch will be granite screenings as a leveler this will also, we compacted to help prevent any settling around the wet location that might occur.

Tile: During this time we install waterline tile around the perimeter of the pool this really dresses up the swim area and adds a lot of character.

Plaster: If you have a concrete pool at this point we will install and plaster your pool we use one of the highest quality plasters available on the market. At this point the concrete pool will begin to fill with water.

Final Inspection: After a construction clean up has been done, the proper fencing installed and completed. We will call in the final inspection to the county or city and allow for 1-2 business days for the inspector to sign off.

Start up: All your chemicals are added and balanced, and we make sure all of the equipment is running properly.

Pool School: This includes a final walk through with the homeowner to go over any final touches to be made. Once all the above is completed and your chemicals are added and balanced we will walk you through a step by step procedure to show you all the controls on your box. We will answer any question that you have at this time and show you anything that you need to know about your pool. At anytime after this point please don’t hesitate to call us back if you have any questions or concerns, or simply need someone to take the time again to walk you through our pool school.

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